Solution for analyst
Boosted Data Analytics

Marketing Analysis in a New Way

Get to know your customers and the market more deeply and enhance their experience. Thanks to AnswerMiner’s innovative technology, it is easier and faster to make analysis than ever.

Analyze your visitors, find hidden correlations, explore your campaigns’ performances, and make segmentations on a new level. With AnswerMiner, you can see data analysis from a new perspective.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

Boost Conversion Rate

Discover relations in your data and optimize your campaigns. Find the best pay-per-click campaign, email subject, or blog article. Increase your upsell value and customer satisfaction. Beat the competitors and lead the market.


Increase Sales Revenue

Analyze your partner list and make a sales strategy. Find the best of partners and give them special offers. With AnswerMiner, analysis is made easy. After analyzing sales reports, present your results to the board with amazing charts.


Data-Driven Segmentation

Upload questionnaires, customer data, or digital sales data and analyze them. Create segments and make targeting more effective. AnswerMiner is the perfect tool for your market research.


Optimized Lead Generation

Targeting is a never-ending story. Analyze more deeply and understand your target audience. In accordance with the results, develop your website and campaigns. The volume of your traffic may decrease, but the number of qualified leads will grow.


Marketing can be a hazardous game if you do not have control over your data. Minimize your expenses by analyzing your data properly and reach the best customers or partners. Data is your friend, and it helps you make your business strong and profitable.

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