Solution for HR

Find the best employee

Analyze job advertisements and interview reports to find the best candidate for the job. Make recruitment easier, faster and more effective. Save time and aim only relevant appliers.

Reduce churn rate

Understand and resolve case-by-case issues. By knowing your employees you can decrease churn rate. Find the reasons of their satisfacton and identify their needs.

Data driven HR management

Make decisions by analyzing data and discovering relations. With data driven HR management improve your team and find the best way to motivate them. Utilise employee data and trend analysis to lead.

Employee satisfaction spreadsheet

This dataset contains 15000 rows and 11 columns. Each row is an employee of the company. There are many available data about the employees, just like their gender, satisfaction level, evaluation data, number of projects they are working on, the years spent in the company, salary and many others.

Using this kind of data and with the help of AnswerMiner, you will be able to decrease the churn rate and prevent employee resignation.

Upload or connect your data source and analyze data in your spreadsheets

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