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Healthcare Data Analytics
Advanced Decision Making

Data-Driven Healthcare

Healthcare is the industry that reaches the most people in the world and has tons of data. Improving the services, cutting costs, raising the level of patients’ satisfaction, and doing research mean a lot of analysis and work, but not with data analytics.

AnswerMiner gives everyone the opportunity to make their own analysis. The departments can make fast and easy data explorations separately or cooperatively on various projects.

Getting meaningful insights means not only improved services and supply but also improved patient lives.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

Increase Cure Rate

Collect, analyze, and maintain accurate and complete patient health information. Use AnswerMiner to analyze and increase the cure rate and find hidden relations and ways to make healthcare more efficient.


Data-Driven Cure

Find hidden correlations of medicine efficiency and use A/B tests to find better medicine. With AnswerMiner, analyzing medical records will be easier and faster than ever. Analyze, save time, and cure more people.


Raise Patient Satisfaction

Analyze questionnaires and make data-driven decisions. In addition to patient information, you can analyze equipment usage reports and financial or insurance information. Be more profitable and engage more people.


Balanced Medical Attendance

Find the golden mean. Decrease the wait time and improve t patient-doctor relationships. Recognize your patients’ needs in time and serve them with the most competent staff.


Healthcare Analytics Benefits

Focusing on the profit alone and mitigating the expenses is just half the battle. Reaching a high level of patient satisfaction, improving services, and assigning the staff efficiently is a crucial part of this industry as well. Analyze your collected data to harmonize the processes and get the most out of them.

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