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Make statistics and data science popular among students. As a teacher, you will be able to present statistics from a new perspective. AnswerMiner can be the new teaching tool. Any student can use it without hard programing or statistical background. They will enjoy learning statistics. With AnswerMiner data analysis made easy.

As a student

With AnswerMiner you can easily analyse your quastionnaire or your research reports. With one click automatic charts you can make unique presentations. It will be easier to understand statistics, and data analysis. Fast and simple. No wasted time, and sleepless nights.
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As an institution

Find out what really matters for students. Find the way to reach them and motivate to choose your university. With AnswerMiner you can discover student’s satisfaction reports, and find the most relevant factors. By analysing graduate rate you can improve the quality of education and make the diploma more valuable on the labor force market.
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Upload or connect your data source and analyze data in your spreadsheets

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