Solution for analyst

Do Your Work Faster and Save Time

Whether you work for a company or run your own business, the most important thing when working as a data analyst is to have a good data exploration and visualization tool.

Find hidden relations and reveal meaningful insights by using AnswerMiner. Time will be your best friend. Our software offers you the fastest data exploration and visualization—less time, more projects, and more success.

Four Reasons You Need AnswerMiner

Faster and Easier

AnswerMiner has automatized many steps, making analyzing data faster and easier than ever. Automatic charts, correlation matrices, and prediction trees help your work every day.


Discover and Predict

Explore an amazing way of discovering and gaining an in-depth understanding of your dataset. The prediction tree will help you predict trends based on your data. Save money and time by using this unique tool.


Cooperate Easily

Work together with other departments in your company. Our tool is easy for anyone to understand, even those without a statistical background. It’s a great tool for sharing your insights with your colleagues or presenting to the board.


Various Fields

As a non-specialized tool, you can use AnswerMiner in many fields with the same efficiency—data exploration, visualization, and prediction in one application. Why would you bother with many?


Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, AnswerMiner is a tool that makes your work seamless. Forget the old way, when you had to work with several tools for hours. Save time, reach more, and be mind-blowing.

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