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New way of business analysis

Thanks to the smart data view and automatic charts you will be able to make your job faster and more effective. Present complex financial data effectively, understand and drive insights.  With AnswerMiner you will be able to find relations and use this knowledge to increase profit.

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Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk by understanding your data. Be smart, be data driven. Analyze stock data with your team and discover hidden relations. With the  decision tree you will be able to make prediction and make your company more successful.

Strategic financial decisions

Even if you work in the field of accounting or controlling, you will find a feature for you, which helps to make strategic financial decisions. Use smart data view to see the most important facts in one page. With relation map you can see all colunm relations, and create charts with only one click. The correlation matrix  gives you another perspective of your data.  After all you can make a prediction with the decision tree.


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