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AnswerMiner Connectors


Connectors help you to import your dataset directly from your source to AnswerMiner. A few clicks and your data is transferred. Skip the download-upload procedure and make easier your daily work. The fastest way to explore your data, see the relations and make your own decision tree.

Let’s connect a dataset through FTP

On your dashboard choose Connect then select the FTP. Give the usual details (FTP server hostname or IP address, Port, Username, Password, Path and filename) and import your data directly to AnswerMiner.

You are ready to explore your data.

connect ftp

Refreshing your connected dataset

After you connected your database through FTP, you have to only recreate it when you would like to analyze your data.

On your dashboard in AnswerMiner click on the three dots icon on your imported dataset and choose Recreate then click OK.