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Enhanced Google Drive

Google Drive is the simplest and easiest way to store online your files, documents, or any data. After you synchronize your devices, you can reach your uploaded data from anywhere and anytime. From now, you can also analyze your Google Drive data online anywhere at any time. You do not have to download then upload the files, just connect it directly to AnswerMiner even on your mobile.

Quick & easy connection

No installation or plugin needed.

Listed data

The app automatically lists your files and documents that are stored on Drive. Just select what you want to analyze.


Visualize your data whenever you need wherever you are.

Around the world

Keep in touch with your clients or colleagues and analyze the received data. You need only an internet connection.

AnswerMiner pulls in the files and data from your Google Drive and gives you the power to explore your data in a new way. You can easily connect any of your datasets stored in Google Drive. Analyze, visualize, and use the results to improve your business. You are no longer chained to your desk. Enjoy the advantage of online analysis.

less than 2 minutes

How to get started

1. Open your AnswerMiner account and connect Google Drive (Main menu > Connect data sources)

2. Choose the Google account that you want to connect*

3. Select the file you want to analyze

4. Connect

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