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Enhanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the easiest way to collect data about your visitors and customers. You can use the gathered data to understand your clients and improve your business. AnswerMiner helps you to reduce the time of analysis and find the most important correlations in your data.

Quick & easy connection

No installation or plugin needed.

Customized reports

Make your own report by choosing the relevant metrics and dimensions.


Automatic charts help you to visualize the progress of your business.

Narrow audience

Find your most engaged customers by country, device, or referral source.

AnswerMiner pulls in your collected data from your Google Analytics account and gives you the power to explore your data in a new way. Compare your campaigns, find the best source/medium, and discover potential opportunities based on your data.

less than 2 minutes

How to get started

1. Open your AnswerMiner account and connect Google Analytics (Main menu > Connect data sources)

2. Click on Analytics Linking and choose your Google account*

3. Select the website’s account that you want to connect

4. Select metric(s) and dimension(s)

5. Connect

* If you cannot connect your account, check if pop-up windows are allowed in your browser for – they are necessary for authentication purposes.
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