Google analytics connect data

Let’s connect your data through Google Analytics

On your dashboard choose Connect then select the Google Analytics. Choose your Gmail account (which you can log in to GA) then select your Analytics account. Now you can select the dimensions (maximum 7) and the metrics (maximum 10) that you would like to analyze and visualize. Before connecting you should set the period (last 1 month, last 2 months and so on) as well. You can search for dimension or metric by typing its name into the search field. If you set up everything then hit Connect.

You are ready to explore your data.

Tip: It is very important to allow popup window that you can authenticate.

Refreshing your connected dataset

After you connected your data through Google Analytics, you have to only recreate it when you would like to analyze your data.

On your dashboard in AnswerMiner click on the three dots icon on your imported dataset and choose Recreate then click OK.

Tip: You can make a new database with different dimensions and metrics any time.

Google analytics refresh data

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