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Facebook Analytics provides you vast amount of useful information from the number of page visitors to the exact time intervall you can make the most out of your posts or advertisments. Use the gathered data to understand your customers’ behavior and improve your content strategy. With AnswerMiner you can reduce the time spent on coding and analyzing and you can easier find correlation in your data.

Google analytics connectorCONNECT Quick and Easy

Just open your AnswerMiner account and connect to your Facebook page.

No installation or plug-in needed.

Google analytics connector
Google analytics connector
Google analytics connector

Google analytics connectorCUSTOMIZE Your Reports

See the list of the most important Facebook Analytics metrics and pick the right variables for your custom report.
Need some help? We have a complete guide which one to choose and why.

Choose only the relevant metrics and dimensions.

Google analytics connectorVISUALIZE Collected Data

Let the app do the magic by instantly creating insightful charts out of your data.

Use Suggested Charts and make progression.

Google analytics connector
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