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Histogram Maker

This free online histogram calculator helps you visualize the distribution of your data on a histogram. It also calculates median, average, sum and other important statistical numbers like standard deviation. You can quickly visualize and analyze the distribution of your data. Only copy/paste it into the histogram maker grey area, and you will have the analysis.

What is histogram?

Histograms are the most useful tool to say something about a bunch of numeric values. Compared to other summarizing methods, histograms have the richest descriptive power while being the fastest way to interpret data – the human brain prefers visual perception. However, if you are not careful, viewers will not be able to understand your histogram, or you may fail to get the most out of it. It is especially important to specify the optimal bin size. You can set the bin size under the visualization.

Is histogram a column chart?

Yes, Histograms are column-charts, which each column represents a range of the values, and the height of a column corresponds to how many values are in that range

Which is the ideal bin size?

It depends on your data. First time when you copy your data, our smart algorithm calculates the ideal bin size, but you can change it if you want.

Which metric describes the numbers best?

None of them because these numeric summarizing techniques do not include any information about spikes, or the shape of the distribution. Always use the histogram with the metrics together.Read more about histograms and binning

Keep in mind: AnswerMiner helps you to create automatic histograms, so you do not need to bother with finding ideal settings.

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