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Author of Key Differences Between Data Science and Statistics
July 24, 20173 min read

Key Differences Between Data Science and Statistics

Data in GeneralEver since technology took a toll over all the major and minor spheres that constitute our personal and professional lives, data, and more precisely, big data has become the talk of the town. The most common perception of data that…

Author of Mean vs. Median
September 14, 20163 min read

Mean vs. Median

The term “average” can often mislead us and hide valuable and reliable information form our data. It is hard to decide which number we need to use. In everyday statistics and news or even in scientific research, the result is often presented as the…

Author of Which Measurement Scale Should We Use?
July 03, 20164 min read

Which Measurement Scale Should We Use?

During statistical observations, we get results that we have to present on the decently. The method of the presentation depends on various factors such as the type of the observed data (discrete or continuous random variables). The level of…

Author of The Correlation Coefficient Demystified
January 19, 20165 min read

The Correlation Coefficient Demystified

Correlation and the correlation coefficient seem to be difficult to understand. They sound like some weird mathematical, statistical thing. However, once you understand them, you will think in a totally new way about causality and how things are…

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