Our Summer Tech Meetup

Just a few weeks ago (August 06, 2017), we organized a tech meetup in Hungary. The reason why we organized this event was so simple: there had never been such an event in the city, and the topic was so innovative. The main purpose was to ensure a…

Author of Our Summer Tech Meetup
July 13, 20172 min read

Trump vs. Clinton – US Election 2016

Hillary or Trump? Democratic or Republican? Who will win? It is hard to see into the future, but we will try to predict the results of the 2016 US election. We collected a lot of data from open databases and created a dataset. It is available for…

Author of Trump vs. Clinton – US Election 2016
November 08, 20163 min read

NFL top numbers

Today starts 2016/17 season. Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos. Can Denver beat Carolina again? We will see at 8:30 PM ET but before the game let’s see some numbers of active NFL teams and players. Read this article to find out more information…

Author of NFL top numbers
September 08, 20162 min read

Labor Day Statistics in the US – The Labor Force

Labor Day is the first Monday of September and the last day of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial end of the summer and in the US summer sports, Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning of many fall sports. However, do not…

Author of Labor Day Statistics in the US – The Labor Force
September 05, 20164 min read

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics in Rio just ended on August 21, 2016. Despite the negative expectations and the bad experiences in the Olympic Village, we can say it was a good event (almost forget the diving pool, which was closed after turning green). There…

Author of Rio 2016 Summer Olympics
August 22, 20163 min read
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