The Relation Map – Correlation Visualized

People always ask: “Is there any relation between the factors in my data?” If you look at the data, a table, or a spreadsheet it can be hard to see connections and say how strong they are. That is where the relation map comes in handy. All the…

Author of The Relation Map – Correlation Visualized
April 07, 20202 min read

Correlation Matrix and Table

We already know that a correlation shows the mutual relationship between two or more factors. Do not forget that correlation is not equal to causation. However, what is a correlation matrix? A correlation matrix is a table that shows the correlation…

Author of Correlation Matrix and Table
April 02, 20203 min read

The Correlation Coefficient Demystified

Correlation and the correlation coefficient seem to be difficult to understand. They sound like some weird mathematical, statistical thing. However, once you understand them, you will think in a totally new way about causality and how things are…

Author of The Correlation Coefficient Demystified
January 19, 20165 min read
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