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Author of Google Update June 2019 — Latest Research
July 02, 20195 min read

Google Update June 2019 — Latest Research

Google’s Latest Core Algo Update started June 4th 2 and finished rolling out June 8th 3. In terms of coverage, this was the same update as the Medical Update in August 2018.At the same time (since June 4 till June 6, 2019) Google rolled out another…

Author of FIFA 18: Looking At the Data
March 12, 20186 min read

FIFA 18: Looking At the Data

“EA Sports- It is in the game.” They are just a few words, but if gamers hear them, their hearts skip a beat.We bet there is a game in your head that you think this blog post will be about. Yes, we will have a look at the world of FIFA 18.We found a…

Author of Developers' Salary 2018: How Much Money Do Programmers Earn?
February 26, 20184 min read

Developers' Salary 2018: How Much Money Do Programmers Earn?

A programmer’s salary depends on multiple factors. AnswerMiner can help you find out which factors are important related to salaries. StackOverflow published an exhausting 51,392 respondent, 140 question survey of developers, programmers, their…

Author of OTP Dataviz
January 04, 20181 min read

OTP Dataviz

A few weeks ago we made a data visualization to OTP, one of the largest independent financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. This was one of the best competition that we have taken part so far. We enjoyed every minute of the work…

Author of Where Can You Catch a UFO on Lens?
December 08, 20174 min read

Where Can You Catch a UFO on Lens?

In the last century it was one of the most popular issues on the radio, on television, and in books. Yes, we are talking about UFOs. They caused panic (think on the radio broadcast “The war of the worlds” in 1938), gathered many believers (The X…

Author of Kickstarter – How to Be Successful
July 04, 20163 min read

Kickstarter – How to Be Successful

Starting a Kickstarter campaign is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You must decide your title, description, goal value, duration, and so on. Fortunately, data science can help you! We have analyzed 140,000 Kickstarter campaigns to be able to…

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