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Author of Big Data and Small Data
September 21, 20163 min read

Big Data and Small Data

Data is the new gold. Data is the new oil. In the past years, big data has become very popular, and now in 2016 small data is the “new big data.” In data science, both are very important. However, we can read many different opinions on this topic. In…

Author of A/B Split Tests: Avoid These Common Mistakes
February 03, 20166 min read

A/B Split Tests: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Running AB tests is indispensable if you want to make good decisions. However, if you make mistakes, your decision can have worse consequences than simply deciding based on your intuition. Therefore, it is important to do A/B tests the right way…

Author of Why Do I Need A/B Test?
January 17, 20162 min read

Why Do I Need A/B Test?

Whenever you have to make a decision, you will want to compare cases and choose the better one. You may do so by tossing a coin, intuition, common sense, or other unreliable ways but it is better to use your data.Ten Reasons Why A/B Split Testing Is…

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