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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics in Rio just ended on August 21, 2016. Despite the negative expectations and the bad experiences in the Olympic Village, we can say it was a good event (almost forget the diving pool, which was closed after turning green). There were no big surprises on the medal table, but in this article, we will take a closer look and see some details and interesting facts. Many great athletes made their countries proud, and we could see big unforgettable moments by legends like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Katinka Hosszu, and Neymar.


Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Medal Table


A/B Test:

With our A/B split test calculator, we can see that it is very hard to say which country is better. “The experienced difference is negligible. It cannot tell us which is better. If there is a real difference, it is likely to be below 15%.”  Even if the USA is in the first place, we can say that there is not a big difference between the USA and Great Britain. Check out the detailed result here, and compare any country you wish:

Correlation Test

The other question is if there a correlation between the competitor number and win number. According to the correlation test, “The experienced correlation is strong. In many cases, the bigger the number of competitors, the bigger the number of medals.”  Check out the detailed result here:

world medal table AnswerMiner

After the country rankings, we continued with some interesting visualized results. When we use scatter plots to see the correlations between the athletes’ ages and results, we could also see how better the champion was who won the game than the other competitors. Let’s see some big wins by Schooling, Sjostrom, Hosszu, Biles, and Bolt.

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