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January 04, 20193 min read

Key Trends in Machine Learning and AI in 2019

Even though machine learning and artificial intelligence have been some of the most popular and interesting fields in recent times, owing to unmatched potential, these subfields of the world of information technology are now being explored more than ever before. Renowned names in the world of technology including Google, Microsoft, and Cisco have now begun to explore machine learning and artificial intelligence with increased interest, creating more jobs and a more inclusive environment for digital workers.

machine learning and AI

With unique and innovative trends all set to make their way into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence, increasing numbers of companies and businesses are bound to explore the fields for all that they offer.

Interested in learning more about the key trends in machine learning and AI in 2019? Read on to find out as we tell you all about the latest trends that you should expect with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chips

Specialized processors play an extremely important role in artificial intelligence. These processors do not only help complement the CPU, but also ensure that the training process is as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Since artificial intelligence is being used often in facial recognition and object detection, it goes without saying that researchers and companies alike will be looking into smarter chips that will be able to make incorporating artificial intelligence and machine intelligence into processes far more convenient and efficient.

artificial intelligence

Additionally, it is expected that chip manufacturers will begin to focus on the speed and performance of their products, allowing artificial intelligence based applications to be executed more easily. Additionally, it is expected that companies will also begin to focus on creating chips that are optimized for a particular task.

AI Meets IoT

While IoT and artificial intelligence are already interlinked and have been researched on as a single entity for several years, 2019 is expected to bring about some very exciting new changes for how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will work together. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are all set to be used in unison in the edge computing architecture for added efficiency.

By deploying both artificial intelligence and the Internet of things in the edge computing paradigm, it will not only be possible to achieve improved results for predictive analysis, but it will also be possible for neural network based machine learning models to be optimized for effective operation on the edge architecture.

Internet of things

Needless to say, with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence expected to be important parts of the edge computing paradigm, there’s a high possibility of edge devices coming complete with ASIC and FPGA based chips for improved results.

Automated Machine Learning

One of the most interesting new trends that one should look forward to in the year 2019 is automated machine learning. While machine learning is a vast domain that’s easily still in its nascent stages, the introduction of automated machine learning is not only bound to help developers and business analysts introduce and develop machine learning models that are not based on the conventional or traditional training process, but it will also result in models that are far more powerful and can deal with increasingly complex scenarios with immense ease.

machine learning

Delivering just the amount of customization needed, automated machine learning provides users with an extremely flexible and scalable environment that’s bound to help with portability. What’s more, since developers will no longer have to deal with the traditional training process, it will be possible for them to focus on the problem itself instead of getting lost in the technicalities of the workflow.

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