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Create graph – Bar chart visualization guide

Nowadays data visualization is the main topic in the field of Data Science. But even if you try to make a nice presentation or a report, sometimes the message is not delivered well. It is easy to be lost between a lot of numbers, charts and labels. In this article series we would like to share some tips about data visualizationand and give some advice to create graph. So let’s start with Bar charts.

Bar chart

Bar chart is one of the most common type of data visualization. Mainly used to show changes by time, or compare different categories, and part-whole connection. Here you can see four types of bar charts, and the usage fields.

bar1 AnswerMiner

Vertical: Mostly used with timelines

bar2 AnswerMiner

Horizontal: In case of long category names

bar3 AnswerMiner

Stacked bar chart: Part-Whole connection

bar4 AnswerMiner

100% stacked diagram: Test the dispersion

Bar chart Guide

What to avoid when using bar charts? How to make more understandable your data? Here are 5 tips.

guide1 AnswerMiner

Figure 1: To be readable use horizontal labels

guide2 AnswerMiner

Figure 2: The optimal distance between the bars should be 1/2 wide of the bars

guide3 AnswerMiner

Figure 3: Start the scale with “0”

guide4 AnswerMiner

Figure 4: Use only one color*

guide5 AnswerMiner

Figure 5: ABC order, makes easier to find the data

*It is better to avoid stacked bar, because it is hard to understand for the first sight, but if you use it, use different colors.

Create graph summary

Bar chart

  • Be readable and use horizontal labels
  • Keep the optimal distance between bars (1/2 wide of the bars)
  • Start the scale with “0”
  • Use only one color *
  • ABC order make easier to find the data

Beside all of the written tips above there are more and more rules we need to keep if we want to create correct graphs, but using them you can improve the quality of your bar charts, and your presentation as well.

+1 tipp : Always try to find the best type of bar chart or any graph which fits prefectly of the data and the situation.



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