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January 25, 20183 min read

Connect Mouseflow and Dig Deeper

Nowadays, a website is a must. When it comes to a big company, a small business, or an entrepreneur, they all need a good website that not only is attractive and makes conversions but also collects data about customers. Currently, the third factor has become the most important. If you do not gather information about your customers, you are losing money. However, do not panic. There are tons of tools available that you can use to collect data. One of those tools is Mouseflow.

Track the Mouse

Mouseflow is a tracking tool that records your visitors’ actions on your site, such as clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, and more. Everything that a visitor does on your site will be recorded, and you can watch it back later. It also offers heat maps to summarize where people click or touch, the movement of their mouses, scrolling, the most seen parts of your site and, of course, the visitors’ locations.

Record, Connect, Analyze

Mouseflow is one of the best tools on the market, and it has many functions. The collected data is very complex, and you can use it to optimize your website and conversions. However, after collecting more and more data, it can be hard to analyze it all correctly and make a good decision. AnswerMiner can help you to dig deeper and explore your data. Our tool helps you to find correlations and hidden relationships in your data quickly and easily. Mouseflow is good at recording, and AnswerMiner is good at exploring. There is no question about it -connect them.

Let’s Connect

Setting up the connection is fast and easy. First, log into your AnswerMiner account and click on Connect. Select the Mouseflow connector icon, and input the requested information (Region, Account email, API key, and Date range). This image will help you find your API key in Mouseflow.

mouseflow api key

Discover Your Data

There are plenty of relationships to find in your data. In Mouseflow, you can see your customers’ data separately, but with AnswerMiner, you get the full picture of your data. For instance, the duration of your visitors’ visits is a key metric if you want to make a decision about your marketing strategy. How many minutes do your customers spend on your site before purchasing or subscribing? How many minutes do buyers the US or the United Kingdom spend on your site?

mouseflow chance of desktop by country Chance to use desktop by countries

Hundreds of questions can come up while trying to plan your sales or marketing strategy. This data is very important for running ads in the right place at the right time to enhance your traffic and sales. You can break down your customers by countries and devices and by duration to see how they behave.

mouseflow duration on devices UK Duration on tablet and desktop in the UK

mouseflow duration on devices US Duration on tablet and desktop in the US

For example, let’s say you run the same ad in the US and the UK on desktop and tablet, and you get nearly the same purchases from the two countries. However, if you analyze your data and look deeper, you will find that many people in the US spend less time on your site and make fewer purchases on tablet than on desktop. Contrarily, in the UK, people prefer tablet. You get the result, and you can easily optimize your ad campaign. Stop wasting your money, and use your data.


The example given here was short and simple, but there is much more information in your data waiting for you to discover the hidden relations and find crucial correlations. So let’s connect Mouseflow and AnswerMiner and take advantage of your data.

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