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June 06, 20163 min read

Cloud or Desktop? Pros and Cons

Nowadays, there are many pieces of data analysis software on the market. We can group them by many different viewpoints, but in this article, we will focus on the method of operation. If you want to use a data analytics software and are looking for a good one, your first question will be

“What kind of analytics software is best for me, cloud based or desktop?” We will try to find the answer to this question.

Desktop Analytic Tools

Desktop software has been with us since the birth of the personal computer. Let’s talk about their pros and cons.


Local and Portable

Desktop programs can easily operate without an internet connection, so they depend only on the local infrastructure. From this viewpoint, desktop software is reliable and stable.


Your data is stored on the local computer, so if it has appropriate security against unauthorized access, you can feel sure that your data is safe.



You cannot access your result files or reports from anywhere but your computer because it is stored locally. Version control is also uncomfortable.


Desktop programs reserve many resources from your computer (storage, memory, and computing unit), so they need fast, powerful, and up-to-date computers, which are not always cheap. The average cost of ownership for a PC generally exceeds $3,000 per year.


In the case of desktop software, they need somebody who can install and maintain the application. These processes are money- and time-consuming.

Cloud Analytics Tools

Cloud technology is the future everywhere. like-icon


First of all, the biggest benefit of the cloud environment is that you can access it anywhere and anytime if an internet connection is available.

Easy Sharing

You can share your reports or files in the cloud, which results in easy collaboration with your workmates.

Reduces Your Costs

This advantage of the cloud technology is also very important. You do not have to buy powerful workstations because all the meaningful work and computing is terminated in the cloud. You do not have to pay for installation or maintenance because it is a core service. Monthly subscriptions are also available for cloud tools, and this method is more affordable than desktop licenses.


Cloud service providers work with the most up-to-date infrastructure and backup solutions, so data loss is almost impossible.

Environmentally Friendly

The cloud is more efficient than the typical IT infrastructure, it takes fewer resources to compute, and it saves energy.


Internet Connection

If you do not have an internet connection, you cannot access your data.


Of course, cloud service providers keep your data safe, but the data flow over the internet can be frightening for some people.


If you have read the points above, you have probably noticed that cloud analytics has more advantages than disadvantages, and it has much more potential than desktop software. Internet-based services can significantly influence our daily lives and this process still in progress. Cloud-based tools reduce your costs and help make your company more efficient.

Both environments have their pros and cons, and your requirements will determine which one is best for you.

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