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May 08, 20202 min read

Suggested & Automatic Charts

Charts and plots are graphic visualizations of your data with different symbols such as bars, lines, dots, or slices. There are many types of charts but the most common are bar charts, pie charts, histograms and the different plots like box plot, scatter plot or parallel coordinates plot. Other tools like word clouds or treemaps are also giving you the sensation to visualize your collected data in a different way.

This blog post update shows you the latest features of AnswerMiner as our platform is growing fast and new features pop-up in every two-three months.

Why Are Charts and Plots Popular?

The human brain is wired to recognize and understand visual images easier than only mere numbers. Through visualization, the brain can analyze trends, outliers, and gaps much faster than looking at a spreadsheet. Additionally, charts make your presentation, report, or lecture more entertaining for everybody.

Suggested Charts in AnswerMiner

Suggested Charts in AnswerMiner

In order to create automatically generated charts in AnswerMiner, first you have to click on the Suggested Charts icon on the left sidebar. Then you have to select the columns on the left.

You can choose different metrics and variables by simply clicking on one of the columns and highlighting them. After this step, the AI connected to the platform will select you the best possible outcomes for visualizing your given data set.

It is important to note, that only six columns can be chosen at the same time at best. Before analyzing, we recommend you to always check which columns are selected. If you want to select another column, deselect first one of the previously highlighted columns by clicking on them again.

If you set some filters for your columns, then the filtered data will be shown on the charts too. To avoid this, you can easily pause the filters by clicking on them.

Select and deselect columns with one click


People think that making a chart is difficult and complicated, and it was in the past. You can now easily forget about the old method by using AnswerMiner instead. Select the columns, and we will generate your chart or plot instantly.

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