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October 04, 20172 min read

Automatic Charts

A chart or graph is a graphical visualization of your data with different symbols such as bars, lines, dots, or slices. There are many types of charts and the most commons are bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and histograms.

Why Are They Popular?

The human brain is visually based and understands pictures more quickly than mere numbers. Through visualization, the brain can analyze trends, outliers, and gaps much faster than looking at a spreadsheet. Additionally, charts make your presentation, report, or lecture more entertaining for everybody.


Automatic Charts

To make your chart, you only have to select one of the columns. You will get various types of charts at the same time. You do not have to waste your time finding the measure and dimension.

It is important to note that only two columns will be visualized. That means you can highlight in blue as many columns as you want, but only the two columns marked with a small flash symbol will be shown on the chart. If you pin some columns in the Data view or label columns in Relation Map or Prediction Tree then when you go back to Chart view, you will visualize the selected columns. If you highlight more than two columns, the app will automatically analyze the top two highlighted columns.

Before analyzing, always check which columns are selected. If you want to select another column, then deselect one of the two columns by clicking on the flash icon and select the new one in the same way highlight it before selecting it.

Tip: If you set some filters for your columns, then the filtered data will be shown on the charts. To avoid this, you can easily pause the filters.


People think that making a chart is difficult and complicated, and it was in the past. You can now easily forget the old method if you use AnswerMiner instead. Select the column, and we will make a chart in a second.

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