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January 17, 20162 min read

Why Do I Need A/B Test?

Whenever you have to make a decision, you will want to compare cases and choose the better one. You may do so by tossing a coin, intuition, common sense, or other unreliable ways but it is better to use your data.

Ten Reasons Why A/B Split Testing Is Necessary

1. You Cannot Believe Your Intuition

Many studies have shown that common sense or intuition may be misleading. The human brain is just not good enough at making the perfect decision. Rather it is good at making fast decisions.

2. Confirm Your Opinion

Many times, you may have been asked whether you think Case A or Case B is better. With your answer, you may have said “just because I think so,” “I guess I’m competent enough,” or “I’m not sure,” but these expressions sound silly. The best is when you can support your opinion with numbers.

3. Eliminate the Effect of Randomness

Sometimes, it is obvious that Case A is better than Case B but what if the result happened only by coincidence? Maybe it is just random noise. How can you be sure about the results? This situation is what A/B split testing is good for.

4. Money Matters

If you have a website where you sell a product or a service, you will want to maximize your profits and not just once. You will want to make more money every month. You will want to achieve continuous growth. The only way to do so is to experiment constantly.

5. Time Matters

You do not want to argue, debate, search for arguments, or just think for hours. It is much simpler if you use your data and run an A/B split test.

6. Choosing the Wrong Case Could Be Painful

Sometimes, it does not matter whether you choose Case A or B. However, in most cases, it can be very painful if you make the wrong decision. The solution: an A/B split test.

7. Know the Exact Difference between Case A and B

If you look at the conversion rates, it is sometimes obvious if Case A or B is the right choice. However, A/B split testing can show you the minimum and maximum difference between the cases. For example, it can tell you that Case A is better than Case B by at least 6% but no more than 9%.

8. Automate Decision Making

Continuous decision making costs a lot of money, time, and effort. If you automate your processes, you can concentrate on your business. Unlike human decisions, A/B split testing can be automated, making your life easier.

9. Knowledge Is Power

Data is the new raw material, and information is power. You have so much information in your data, so you cannot allow yourself not to know everything.

10. A/B Testing Is Fun

If you start to A/B test everything, you will get interesting, useful, and sometimes funny results. Try out our free online A/B Split Test Calculator

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