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Trump vs. Clinton – US Election 2016

  Election in the US. Hillary or Trump? Democratic or Republican? Who will win? It is hard to see the future, but now we try to predict the result of the election in 2016 USA. We collected many data from opened databases, and we created a dataset. It...


Create Graph – Pie chart visualization guide

After the bar chart visualization guide we continue with one of the most common chart. Pie charts are widely used in everyday statistics, in the business world or in education. In this article we will give you some tips about pie chart visualization, even though we...


Big data and small data

Data is the new gold. Data is the new oil. In the past years big data became very popular, and now in 2016 small data is the "new big data".In data science both of them are very important, however we can read a lot of...


Mean vs. Median

Average can often mislead us and hide the valuable and reliable information of our data. It is hard to decide which number we need to use.  In everyday statistics and news or even in scientific researches the result is often presented by the number of...


NFL top numbers

Today starts 2016/17 season.  Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos. Can Denver beat Carolina again?  We will see at 8:30 PM ET but before the game let’s see some numbers of active NFL teams and players. Read this article to find out more information about NFL...


Labor Day Statistics in the U.S. – Labor force

Labor Day, the first monday of September, and the last day of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial end of the summer and in U.S. sports, Labor Day Weekend marks the beginning of many fall sports. But don't forget the most...


Rio 2016 – Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics in Rio just ended on 21 of August, 2016. Despite of the negative expectations, and the bad experiences in the Olympic Village we can say it was a good event. (Almost forget the diving pool which was closed after turning green). There was...


5 Mistakes to avoid – Pie Chart

To visualize our data, using pie chart can be a good choice, but we need to know how to do it.  If we google it we can find a lot of example for Pie Charts but most of them are not correct. In this article...


Data collecting methods-Primary data

In this article we will write about Data Collecting methods. First of all we need to understand what data is, and what kind of data can be defined.  There is 3 type of data: Primary, secondary, and mosaic information.  The main difference between this 3...


Create graph – Bar chart visualization guide

Nowadays data visualization is the main topic in the field of Data Science. But even if you try to make a nice presentation or a report, sometimes the message is not delivered well. It is easy to be lost between a lot of numbers, charts...


Data science in a nutshell

Data science is not a rocket science. Although a data scientist needs to have many skills in different areas, you don’t need to be an omniscient unicorn to take advantage of some parts of data science. Definition of data science According to Wikipedia: "Data science is an interdisciplinary...


Kickstarter – How to be successful?

Starting a Kickstarter campaign is not as easy as it seems at first sight. You must decide your title, description, goal value, duration, and so on. Fortunately data science helps you! We have analyzed 140.000 Kickstarter campaigns to be able to tell you the facts...

measurement scale

Which measurement scale we have to use?

During the statistical observations we get results that we have to present on the decent way. The method of the presentation depends on various things like the type of the observed thing (discrete or contionous random variables). Level of measurement or scale of measure is a classification that describes...


Cloud or desktop? Pros and cons…

Nowadays  there are many data analysis software on the market. We can group them by many-many viewpoints, but in this article we will focus on their operation method. If you want  to use a data analytic software and looking for a good one, your first question...


5 Must Watch Movies on Data Science

You are in good friendship with data analytics or use it during your everyday work? Watching films is one of your favourite spare time activity? Just checkout our list about the best data science related films, grab popcorn and enjoy any of the following movies!...


Data analysis – it’s a kind of magic

In this post we are focusing on data analysis and visualization which are not coming from the devil, as many leaders of organization thinking. We believe the data analysis and visualization can be understandable, discoverable, manageable for an average person.   First question Why people do not trust...

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