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Where Can You Catch a UFO on Lens?

In the last century it was one of the most popular issues on the radio, on television, and in books. Yes, we are talking about UFOs. They caused panic (think on the radio broadcast "The war of...


Correlation Matrix and Table

What is a Correlation Matrix? We already know that a correlation shows the mutual relationship between two or more factors. Do not forget that correlation is not equal to causation. However, what is a correlation matrix? A correlation...

smart data view

Smart Data View – the Boosted Table

SDV aka Smart Data View This is a boosted table view of our application. What does that mean? Beyond a simple table, you will find the most important information about your columns and the values. It shows the column...

data science

Data Science in The Coming Years

We are living in a world amidst a digital revolution – new, disruptive technologies are being introduced by the passing day to effectively manage enormous amounts of data generated on a daily basis. Industry leaders and enterprises...

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics: All You Need to Know

Predictive analytics is a combination of Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data, the two dominating concepts in today’s technology realm. Predictive analytics is often the only answer to two fundamental questions: What should a business do when...

automatic charts

Automatic Charts

A chart or graph is a graphical visualization of your data with different symbols such as bars, lines, dots, or slices. There are many types of charts and the most commons are bar charts, pie charts, line...

connect mailchimp

Get the Most Out of Mailchimp

As a MailChimp user, you know that you own lot of valuable information about your customers. However, how can you get the most out of this data to drive your marketing forward? AnswerMiner provides you with a direct...


Various Ways to Find Dataset

Data, Data, Data Nowadays, everybody talks about data science, data-driven companies, and data scientists. If you would like to be data-driven then, you should collect, analyze and visualize data. Here comes the first hang-up: where can you get...

relation map comic

The Relation Map – Correlation Visualized

Relation Map People always ask: “Is there any relation between the factors in my data?” If you look at the data, a table or a spreadsheet it can be hard to see connections and say how strong they...

Decision tree

Decision Tree – Your Secret Weapon

What Is a Decision Tree A decision tree is a tree-shaped diagram that shows statistical probability or determines a course of action. It shows the steps to take and why one choice may lead to another. Therefore, it is...

Exploratory data analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis is Revealed

More Precise Analysis EDA aka Exploratory Data Analysis is a statistical approach to analyzing data sets. It has gained significance due to its role in the detection of mistakes while analyzing experimental data, as well as in checking...


What Everyone Should Know about Survey

Many times, we have a bunch of data from surveys that we cannot do anything with. To fix this problem, we created a cheat sheet that you can use to create an analyzable survey. We will focus...


Data-driven Industries and Business Sectors

Data has always played a key role for organizations, business, and industries. From the paper time sheets and manually managed rosters and schedules of the past to the smart, high-tech and automated management systems, solution and applications...


Histogram – The Ultimate Guide of Binning

About Histograms “A graphical representation, similar to a bar chart in structure, that organizes a group of data points into user-specified ranges. The histogram condenses a data series into an easily interpreted visual by taking many data points...