Do you want to make the most out of your data?

If you are looking for the answer to the previous question, you are at the right place at AnswerMiner. We give you answers to your data related questions that you've never thought. Try our A/B tests and our Correlation calculator to experience the fact: Data Analysis is easy.

Mathematical formula

A/B Split test

This free A/B split test calculator shows if case A or case B is better. Moreover, it shows how sure it is that there is a real difference between the two cases and it's not just the work of coincidence.Everyone needs to meassure sureness, certainty of the results.
Mathematical formula

A/B Average test

This free A/B averages difference split test calculator shows if the average of case A or case B is better. Moreover, it shows how sure it is that there is a real difference between the averages of the two cases and it's not just the work of coincidence. Useful and individual tool.
Mathematical formula

Correlation calculator

This free online correlation test calculator shows the strength of the correlation between two things. Moreover, it shows how sure the fact is that there is a real relationship between the two values and the experienced connection is not just  the work of coincidence.

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So you have a lot of data but don't know what to do with it? Or just interested about what your datasets are hiding from you? Do you want to find interesting information from your data?

At Answerminer, you are in the right place. So you have questions in connection with your data, and we do have the answers to it. Using AnswerMiner you could experience the fact: Data Analysis is easy.

 Try our calculators to decide between the versions A or B of a given thing or find relationships in your data with the correlation calculator.

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Key Features

Cloud Storage

Store your data in the cloud

Integrate Easily

Supports other popular systems

24/7 Support

Our qualified team helps you in a short term

Amazing Visualizations

Beautiful and easy to understand

Student centralised

Useful free tools for students


Share your processed data with your team members

Blazing Fast

Most up-to-date infrastructure


Works on every surface


Use the most safest directives, to protect your data

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  • I would like to congratulate to your software, I tried lot of data analysis software but I have to say AnswerMiner is the best by far. It is really easy to use and understand.

  • I really like your software, it is fantastic! The support is also excellent as the software.

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How can we help you?

AnswerMiner helps you

Find hidden patterns in your datasets
Get deeper insight in your data
Run unlimited A/B test on your data
Calculate not just Pearson, but Spearman and Kendall correlation coefficients
Publish your professional results and share with the world.
Inspect 95%, 99%, 99.9% confidence interval

AnswerMiner helps you

Know your market
Visualize your data
Confirm your decisions with Mathematical background
Maximize your profit
Run unlimited A/B test on your data
Understand relationships between datasets

AnswerMiner helps you

Fall in love with Statistics
Get amazing material for presentation
Do your homework
Understand relationships between datasets
Run unlimited A/B test on your data
Checkout every aspects of the A/B test results

Our tools calculated


A/B Split tests


A/B Average tests


Correlation coefficient

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