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Simply upload your file, and utilize the most of your data. Easy to use, easy to understand,


Explore your data and let us show you every details you could never imagine.

Use the knowlegde

Discover hidden possibilities of your data and increase your profit by using this knowledge.

What is AnswerMiner?

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Why is it good for me?

Cloud based

You don’t need to install anything. Just upload your data and right after you will have the full analysis, with security. Smart, fast and safe solution for you.

Save time

We will give you all possible charts, and show you every relations on a map, matrix and table. Don’t waste your time by finding the measure and dimension.


The decision tree will show you the real causes of the targeted column, and make prediction with great visualization. Make your visualized prediction in a minute.

Tell your story

You can share all of your insights and tell your story. With unique visualization methods like smoke diagram and relation map create the best presentation.

Amazing features

Smart solutions

Smart data view

See the big picture without analyzing. Mini charts, median, mean and data value.

Relation map

See every relations visualized in a map and build charts with one click.

Automatic charts

Fast and simple way to compare columns or just make descriptive analysis.

Decision tree

Unique way to find the most relevant determing factors, and make predictions.

Happy customers

James Edison
Marketing manager

I really like your software, it is fantastic! The support is also excellent as the software.

Piotr Plonski
CEO of

Wow! Your UI looks amazing! Love it 🙂

Emily Miller
Controlling assistant

I would like to congratulate to your software, I tried lot of data analysis software but I have to say AnswerMiner is the best by far. It is really easy to use and understand.